Beware of IKEA/ Please Love: HSM4

So, I'm sure that what I'm going to say is going to offend a lot of people.  If you are a die-hard IKEA fan, I suggest you stop reading now.  I know that some people think it is the most wonderful place on earth, but I feel like I should express some observations I made recently:

  1. IKEA may be "crazy about low prices," but their prices really aren't that great.  Sure, $4 is a wonderful price for a single flat sheet, but, when you add $10 for the pillow cases, $10 for the fitted sheet, and however much more for the ruffle, you are paying as much for your sheets as you would pay at a higher-end store.  Furthermore, the sheets are terribly uncomfortable.  I'm not kidding.
  2. IKEA's return policy is absolutely unbearable.  I opened something partway and didn't use it at all, realizing that I had accidentally purchased the wrong size, and they would not take it back.  Yeah, I should have been more careful in my purchase, but in my defense, I swear I checked the package at least ten times before I bought it.  I think it had been placed in the area of the size I was looking for and I somehow just grabbed the wrong one.  But what happens if you buy a table hoping it will look good and it doesn't?  Are you just stuck with it?
  3. While handy and slick, a lot of IKEA products are good looking and low quality.  Sorry, but, it's true.
I do, however, have some nice things to say about IKEA:
  1. While the everything-sold-separately thing can be rather annoying, it is also brilliant.  If you just need two pillow cases, it's really nice to be able to buy them without ending up with sheets you don't need.
  2. I'm pretty sure 75% of the products in IKEA can be matched together in one way or another.  This is especially true with the somewhat eclectic feel contemporary design tends to have.  I love that I can have the same bed spread as someone I know and still have a room that looks totally different.
  3. The show room maze they practically force you through is pretty brilliant, inspiring, and sells a ton.
  4. I feel happy walking around there, and sometimes anxious because I want everything.
All in all I actually like the store.  I just don't think it's quite as tremendous as it's hyped up to be in the end.  

Also, please check out this SNL spoof of High School Musical 4 that Natalie showed me.  It makes my insides hurt it's so funny.



My new friend.  


5 years?

So...Facebook has informed me that EHS class of '04 has a 5 year reunion coming up sometime soon. May maybe?

Well, I think it is too soon for a high school reunion. I mean, technically, we haven't been out of high school for 5 years, right? Half of our class still wastes away their weekends together. In fact, I'm pretty sure that leopard-incest, at least, runs rampant all over the U of U, BYU, and USU campuses. This is not to say that I don't love my friends from high school. But, the thing is that I want to see my friends from high school, and I've kept in touch with most of them, and I don't have the slightest interest in seeing people that "want to do lunch" (but actually would prefer to see me eaten), think "we should get together some time" (but wouldn't touch me with a 10-foot pole), etc.

I'm sure that finals are making this reunion seem absolutely unappealing. And, although I hate to admit it, I'm sure Caitlin will convince me to go somehow.

Was anyone else's 5-year reunion this alarming?